Purchase Warranty & Returns

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The following warranty information and terms apply to purchases at Experimax Coon Rapids (“we”/”us”/”our”). Any repairs or services conducted by us are subject to separate terms on our Repair Terms & Conditions page.

Return Policy: We have a 14-day return policy on all items sold (excluding as-is sales, software, and disposable items such as screen protectors). Returns must include the product and all additional accessories included with the product, and the product and accessories must be in an identical cosmetic and functional condition to when it was sold. Incomplete returns and returns of damaged items will not be accepted in any circumstance. In some situations, such as if the device was used in a smoking environment, we reserve the right to decline such a return, or deduct a $50 cleaning fee before accepting such a return. In these cases, you will be informed of this at the time of the return.

Return Policy (AS-IS Items): Software products, disposable items (screen protectors, single-use items), and all items marked or sold “as-is” are final sales and may not be returned.

1-year Warranty: Experimax Coon Rapids provides a 1-year limited warranty on computers, phones, and tablets. This warranty covers the cost of a diagnostic fee, parts, and labor for a repair to remedy device failure during normal usage of the device, it does NOT cover user-inflicted damage, whether intentional or accidental, nor liquid damage. You must service your device at Experimax Coon Rapids or another Experimax franchisee for this warranty to remain valid, we may void your warranty if we determine your device was damaged during a repair at a third-party repair shop. If a repair of your device is not possible, we may choose to replace your device at our sole discretion. Warranty repairs are subject to our Repair Terms & Conditions.

90-day Warranty: Experimax Coon Rapids provides a 90-day warranty on watches, earbuds, headphones, chargers, monitors, and cables. This warranty provides an exchange/replacement of your purchase if your purchase fails during normal usage of the device. This warranty does not cover user-inflicted damage, whether intentional or accidental. It additionally does not cover liquid damage. We reserve the right to attempt to repair your device instead of an immediate exchange, at our sole discretion. If a repair attempt is required before an exchange, warranty repairs are subject to our Repair Terms & Conditions.

2-year Warranty: With some products, Experimax Coon Rapids offers a “MaxCare” 2-year warranty plan for an additional cost depending on the device. This plan must be purchased within the same transaction as a device purchase. If you choose to purchase MaxCare protection, this warranty supersedes the standard warranty normally offered with your purchase (i.e. it does NOT stack to provide you 1 year “standard” + 2 year “MaxCare” = 3 year coverage). Your “MaxCare” warranty covers the cost of the diagnostic fee, parts, and labor for a repair for the same failures the standard Experimax warranty covers, as well as for repairs of accidental and liquid damage (including drops, spills, falls, or other unexpected events) to your device.

Data Transfer: Experimax Coon Rapids agrees to optionally provide a data-transfer of the information on a device you currently own to the device you are purchasing, free of charge at the time of purchase. This service cannot be deferred to a later date. These data transfers must between similar devices (e.g. iPhone to iPhone, or Mac to Mac). This offer does not apply to “data recovery” situations, where the data on your trade-in device is unreadable by our standard data-transfer tools. We can only provide a data transfer from one single device to the purchased device. More complex operations such as data recoveries or transferring and combining data from multiple devices onto a single device are an additional service we can provide for an additional charge. Our data transfer service is subject to our Repair Terms & Conditions.

In-Store and Telephone Support: Experimax Coon Rapids offers in-store setup of your device at the time of purchase, including assisting in the installation of any third-party software (such as Microsoft Office, Google Chrome, QuickBooks, etc.) you may require. This service is optional and cannot be deferred to a later date. Setup of any third-party software is provided on a best effort basis, in some cases you may need to seek additional support from the vendor of such third-party software, which we do not agree to coordinate or pay for as a part of this service. We additionally provide in-store and telephone technical support during your warranty period to assist with any problems you may experience with your device. This support does not cover issues related to features, setup, or third-party software on your device. Telephone support is provided on a best effort basis for reasonable requests, and we may revoke this right or require in-store warranty service for complex issues under our warranty terms at our discretion.