Trade-in Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions apply to devices sold by you to Experimax Coon Rapids (“we”/”us”/”our”) in exchange for in-store/trade-in credit, check, or cash.

By initiating a trade-in with Experimax Coon Rapids, you agree that you are fully authorized to trade-in your device to us, and that you have ownership, title, and interest in any device submitted for trade-in. By participating, you agree to transfer all ownership, title, and interest in the device to Experimax Coon Rapids.

Personal Information: You agree to remove all personal information and other data stored on the device you are trading in, and you are responsible for making any backups you may require before bringing the device to us. If your data is not removed from the device, we will completely wipe the device of personal information following the trade-in. In this case, you release Experimax Coon Rapids from any claim for loss or damages of any kind relating to information stored and the loss thereof on a trade-in device.

Data Transfer: If you are trading-in a device towards a purchase of a similar device, Experimax Coon Rapids can optionally provide a data-transfer of the information on the trade-in device, free of charge at the time of purchase. This does not apply to “data recovery” situations, where the data on your trade-in device is unreadable by our standard data-transfer tools. We can only provide a data transfer from one single device to another single device, overwriting all information on the destination device in the process. More complex operations such as data recoveries or transferring and combining data from multiple devices onto a single device are an additional service we can provide for an additional charge. Our data transfer service is subject to our Repair Terms & Conditions.

Activation Locks: You must remove any Apple ID Activation Lock (also known as an iCloud Lock, or Find My iPhone or Find My Mac protection) on your device before trading-in your device. We can assist you with this process at the time of trade-in. You additionally agree to remove the device from Apple Device Enrollment Program (DEP), Apple Business Manager, Apple School Manager, and any other hardware or software MDM, anti-theft, or other solution that could prevent the use of the trade-in device by any subsequent user, if applicable. Devices with any such anti-theft solutions in place that can not be removed are not eligible for trade-in.

Returns: All trade-ins are final at the moment the transaction is completed. You understand that the device can not be returned to you, and any data on the device will not be recoverable.

Damage: Devices that are not fully functioning or have any sort of cosmetic or functional damage must be fully repaired before trade-in. You may elect to have Experimax Coon Rapids complete these repairs. In this case either the estimated repair costs will be deducted from your trade-in credit which will be granted immediately, or you may have to pay upfront for a repair and receive a trade-in credit after the completion of a repair, at our sole discretion.

You agree that your device has not been reported as lost or stolen, and is not government property. No trade-in credit will be afforded to any device reported as lost or stolen, or constituting government property.